Welcome to Forever

The Pluralistic Society


“Welcome to Forever” is a concept album about Heaven & Hell.

“The idea behind “The Pluralistic Society”” was to bring together the best musicians and draw off of each others strengths to create a musical collage with a variety of musical genres. There is something for everyone, but it leans towards progressive metal with an acoustic edge.


Ben Abrahamson – Classical Guitar
Troy Berg – Drums
Peter Clarke – Drums
Todd Duane – Electric Guitar
Park Evans – Electric Guitar
Bobb Fantauzzo – Flute
Elgin Foster – 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electic Guitar,Electric Sitar, Bass Guitar,Ebow,Talk Box,Theremin, Sampling
Steven Henningsgard – Electric Guitar
Greg Herriges – Bouzouki
Tim O’Keefe – Percussion, Ute
Steve Letho – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin
Adam Meckler – Trumpet
Dean Magraw – Acoustic Guitar , Electric Guitar, Electric Sitar
Toby Marshall – Hammond B3
Paul Mayasich – Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Dan Neale – National Slide
Brad Patnaude – Electric Guitar
Krister Pihl – Electric Guitar
Adam Rappel – Timpani
Matthew Renz – French Horn
Andre Rodriguez – Piano
Kate Roarty – Bassoon
Kenner Siegrist -Bass
Dan Schwartz – Slide Guitar
Shaun Shaver – Electric Guitar
Lucas Shogren – Cello
Stephanie Shogren – Violin
Craig Soderberg – Electric Guitar
Dave Stenshoel – 5 String Violin
Billy Thommes – Drums
Adam Tucker – Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Alan “Big Al” Wamsley – Electric Guitar
Gary Waryan – Tabla
John Wright – Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Lisi Wright – Violin


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